Water Purification, Wastewater Treatment, and Toxic Removal

CHB, through its partner network, can provide man-portable and mobile water purification systems for use in military operations and disaster relief operations. Products include man-portable backpack-style water purification systems, mobile fresh water systems, base camp fresh water systems, and wastewater treatment and recycling systems. The water solutions are designed to provide quick and effective relief in areas with limited supplies of drinking water, such as war zones or disaster areas. These and more elaborate solutions can also be applied to longer term, sustainability efforts in water management and distribution.

Whether processing fresh water, brackish or sea water, or even when processing wastewater, the output objective is to produce purified, potable water. To do so, one must first remove any parasites, then second one must remove hazardous chemicals per WHO, U.S. or International EPA standards, and third kill bacteria and viruses. These water purification and treatment solutions satisfy all of these requirements.