8 Hour Test 

It’s a HAND SANITIZER that kills germs for up to 8 hours. SkinWear is a natural and safe, FDA compliant, antimicrobial hand sanitizer.  

One 2 ml application kills 99.9% of the germs that can make you sick for up to 8 hours. Compare this to one 2 ml application of an alcohol based sanitizer that kills germs on contact but lasts for only 15 seconds 

It’s a HAND CLEANSING GEL that blocks dirt, grease, grime and more for up to 8 hours.

SkinWear not only kills germs, its cleansing gel protects the skin from dirt, grease, paint and more
for up to 8 hours. 

It’s a MOISTURIZER that prevents dry, cracked hands for up to 8 hours.

SkinWear also contains a bonding agent that keeps in the skin’s natural, moisturizing oils without the messy, greasy effects of typical soaps or lotions.

It’s comparably priced to other hand sanitizers on the market but offers much more.

SkinWear costs the same as other hand sanitizers but because one application protects for up to 8 hours, one 2-oz bottle of SkinWear will last 5 times longer than other hand sanitizers.