Turnkey Emergency Response Village

CHB Turnkey Emergency Response Village (ERV)  systems can be fielded in standard and custom configurations to establish medical and communications systems in the event of a disaster where no infrastructure, power, or water is available. The Mobile Hospital and Command & Control Center become the heart of the ERV to which housing can be connected to enable the foundation of the village. Additional functions can be added as required to enable sustaining the new infrastructure.

Beyond the core solution providers / components listed below, CHB has a full catalog of medical and surgical supplies, advanced field cooking systems, specialized lighting, physical security surveillance systems, biometric based access control systems, and other technologies allowing for a deployable operations platform with the highest levels of security and safety protections.

AMD Telemedicine
AMD Global Telemedicine is the world’s leading supplier of medical technology for telemedicine with over 5,900 installations in 80 countries. This includes medical devices, complete Telemedicine Encounter Management solutions and application software for both live and store and forward telemedicine. The success of a telemedicine program not only depends on the ease of use and quality of the diagnostic devices, but also on the services to support successful launch of the program. AMD offers onsite installation and training around the world, supported by a video conferencing center at our corporate headquarters in N. Chelmsford, MA.

HDT Base-X
HDT Base-X® Folding Frame Shelters range in size from personal tents to Corps-level Command and Control (C2) complexes. Base-X shelters support Command & Control (C2), Medical Operations, Chemical/Biological Decontamination, Industrial & Base Camp, and Aircraft & Vehicle Maintenance applications. Shelters are available in 100, 200, 300, 500 or Dome-series Base-X shelters of all sizes offer the same level of interconnectivity, durability, and ease of deployment.

Spec Ops, Inc.
Spec Ops, Inc. is synonymous with rapidly deployable, rugged command and control gear. Spec Ops has baselined many turnkey packages for Command and Control environments for both civilian and military applications. The Mobile Command Station (MCS) is a two to four operator, mobile Command and Control station housed in a single, ruggedized tactical case. In keeping with Spec Ops’ line of C2 equipment the MCS can be setup and operational in minutes. Contained within a single, transportable case are multiple 19 inch LCD monitors.

84 Lumber
84 Lumber is committed to being the premier supplier of building materials and services to the single family, and multi-family disaster response construction industry. As the needs and demands of the emergency response construction solutions have changed, we have met those challenges. We’re more than a materials supplier; we offer an array of services and expertise unmatched in our industry. Providing Disaster construction services, whole-house Kit designs, volume buying power through centralized purchasing components, engineered wood products, door shops and the national footprint and dedicated response teams serving national, international, commercial and government markets.

Global Water Group, Inc.
Global Water provides systems for Water Purification, Wastewater Processing and Wastewater-Effluent Recycling for Villages Towns, Limited size Encampments, MASH Units, Subdivisions and other controlled environments. These systems can be sized, in a modular format, for use in a small village or the largest city. They can be located in remote areas for more effective development without extensive infra-structure connections. The size can be increased and can even be relocated to better fit the changing needs. The LS3 Mobile Field Units are totally self contained with their own battery for operations. They may also be powered by external sources (eg. electricity mains, generators, hand or foot pumps, shore pressure, or gravity feed). Each can be purchased with solar panels or solar arrays to recharge the batteries.

Solar Stik
Solar Stik™ offers a wide variety of power generation systems designed for First Responders, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, or Preparedness-minded Individual. Lightweight, rugged, and portable, all of our systems are designed using basic principles: Mobility, Self-Sufficiency, Quality American Craftsmanship, Expandability, Adaptability (“Open Architecture”). All systems can be assembled in minutes allowing for rapid deployment in the field. When compared to traditional fuel-driven generators there is no logistical support, noise, heat signatures, or hazardous chemicals.

Cyberlux’s lighting systems –that provide superior lighting sources without the extreme heat of most bulbs– are less expensive than conventional bulbs or tubes by 200% in total cost of ownership. And with technology that consumes 92% less energy than incandescent bulbs (common household bulbs), 30% less than most fluorescent lighting systems, and new lighting efficiency that can last up to 20 years, Cyberlux is at the forefront of next-generation lighting solutions. Cyberlux has the ability to innovate with a great amount of patience, responsibility and integrity to become a leading force in producing the highest quality, energy efficient, reliable lighting solutions in the industry. Super-Bright white solid state lighting system with directed white illumination of target area of over 850 feet.