Projects & Alliances

In the arena of Disaster Services, CHB has worked extensively with the engineering, planning, and management services pertinent to disaster response and disaster mitigation.

CHB has organized presentations of promising new environmental and engineering technologies at the White House since 1996. CHB was also appointed by the White House to Co-Chair and organize a joint European/US Environmental Business Partnering Event: Environmental Technologies for the Third Millenium.

CHB Infrastructure, Technology & Marketing project development work has recently involved many countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Midwest. CHB’s reputation in putting together projects and in representing a world class portfolio of companies and capabilities (including project financing) has resulted in invitations from many governments, institutions, and private sector firms from around the world.

For more information on how Governments, Enterprises, or Agencies can benefit from CHB’s assistance with addressing current requirements for, and bringing an appropriate solution to, an important program or project, please feel free to Contact Us.