Management Team

Charles Botwick – President / Founder CHB ITMG

In over 20+ years as a Marketing Executive for such companies as EBASCO (now Foster Wheeler and Raytheon), Westinghouse, OHM Corp, York Wastewater, and others, Charles identified projects, put together deals, and formed teams to pursue and win projects domestically and internationally.

Charles is also a trained chemist and he has specialized in water projects around the world involving leading edge technologies providing water purification, reclamation, and retention in countries including Africa and Romania.

The portfolio of partner companies amassed by CHB and Charles has provided emergency medical solutions to Haiti and low cost housing to Chile.  


Matthew Schnedl – Director CHB ISIS

Matthew Schnedl has over twenty five years in the field of Computer and Network Information Security technologies with his career encompassing numerous roles.

Mr. Schnedl has worked with emerging technologies in the security marketplace ranging from access control systems to encryption and authentication products such as Mobile Active Defense smartphone security, RSA’s SecurID and Lloyds of London’s eComprehensive Data Security Insurance. He has established these new technologies in Fortune 100 and government accounts as a business development and sales specialist.

Mr. Schnedl has also spent years in the risk management and compliance markets developing solutions for Certification & Accreditation for US Government and Military organizations, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, Sarbanes Oxley, DIACAP, and ISO Standards 17799 and 15000. Mr. Schnedl has been successful in many roles such as Director of Sales for Brinks, Bluefire Security, RiskWatch, SAVA Research and others, and was CEO for MobID, a company manufacturing Handheld Biometric Computers for military applications.