Solutions & Markets

CHB works with many breaking new technology firms to commercialize and bring to market new technologies and applications. These new technologies are integrated into infrastructure projects for maximum value add and differentiation. CHB Infrastructure, Technology & Marketing works worldwide to put together teams and resources (including project finance and new technologies) to perform projects in the energy, environmental, transportation, and communication sectors.

The caliber of firms that are represented by CHB throughout the world (providing project identification, project development, teaming strategies, and general marketing support) are the differentiating factor in success. Firms represented include Brown & Root, HARZA, ABB, Fluor Daniel, TAMS Consultants, Booz Allen & Hamilton, SAIC, ISSI, The Waste Policy Institute, ATCS PLC, and many other firms in the US, Europe, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, and Israel. CHB is well acquainted with one of the most diverse networks of companies having specialty capabilities to provide expertise across a broad spectrum of requirements.

For more information on how your Company or Technology can fit into the CHB “Portfolio,” gain assistance with commercialization and marketing, identify and penetrate new markets, or participate in World Class teams on projects domestically or internationally, please feel free to Contact Us.