CHB Infrastructure, Technology, and Marketing Group LLC, headquarted in Virginia, is a recognized leader specializing in marketing “world class” products as well as assembling partner teams and bundling their products and services into integrated solutions designed to address domestic and international emergency response and sustainable development projects.

CHB Infrastructure, Technology, and Marketing Group LLC (CHBITMG) was founded in 1994 by Charles H. Botwick to provide project identification, project development, and marketing services to engineering, technology, construction, and infrastructure enterprises. In over 20+ years as a Marketing Executive for such companies as EBASCO (now Foster Wheeler and Raytheon), Westinghouse, OHM Corp, York Wastewater, and others, Charles identified projects, put together deals, and formed teams to pursue and win projects domestically and internationally.

Since 1994, CHBITMG has assisted some 75-100 firms, governments, and agencies with projects and requirements spanning every imaginable project across the energy, environmental, transportation, and communications sectors domestically and internationally. The portfolio of companies represented by CHB brings to the table a unique and peerless combination of resources to win and accomplish domestic and international projects.

CHB Information Security Infrastructure Systems, LLC, or CHBISIS,  is a division or business unit of CHB Infrastructure Technology and Marketing Group, LLC and functions as a supportive organization for CHB’s core competencies in Disaster Relief and Response. The primary focus of that support is to provide Physical and  Information Security Technology Systems for CHB-facilitated Portable Hospitals and Command & Control System Deployments.