OEM and Supply Chain Partners

84 Lumber

Founded in 1956, 84 Lumber Company is the nation’s leading privately held building materials and services supplier to professional contractors. The company encompasses 281 locations nationwide and 3,700 associates who provide one-on-one service to every customer, ensuring an efficient and satisfying purchasing experience.

Global Water Group

Global Water Group is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art WATER PURIFICATION, WASTEWATER PROCESSING and WASTEWATER-EFFLUENT RECYCLING equipment for municipalities, military, disaster relief agencies, industry, remote villages, homes and new residential and industrial developments.

Since 1990, Global has specialized in mobile, self-contained and fixed base water purification systems for disaster relief and military use. Global units have been deployed on five continents, including Kurdish refugee camps during Desert Storm, Rwanda, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Iraq. Global’ s systems have been distributed to over 16 African nations during project ACRI under President Clinton and currently with Project ACOTA under President George W. Bush. Global’s systems have provided pure drinking water immediately after hurricanes Andrew, Iniki, Opal, Fran, Georges and Mitch, the floods in Mexico, the earthquakes in Turkey, Japan and the U.S., and many other natural disasters 

CH2M Hill

CH2M HILL provides the full spectrum of consulting, program management, design, construction, and operations solutions that support  project goals and improve quality of life.


CDM is a consulting, engineering, construction, and operations firm delivery exceptional service to public and private clients worldwide. Since 1947, CDM has been providing innovative solutions developed through strong client relationships based on mutual trust and respect and a commitment to quality and integrity.


(ATCS) is a professional consulting firm that provides comprehensive services in transportation planning and design, engineering, environmental, water resources, disaster response and recovery efforts, construction management and inspection, and surveying services.

Babington Technologies

Based in McLean, VA, Babington manufactures / supplies rations heating systems, pump installations, dual fuel and oil burners, and field sanitation units for military applications.


HDT is a leader in engineered solutions focused on solving complex technical problems. Their engineers, scientists and technicians develop technology, products and application-specific solutions in areas such as aerospace (space and recovery), robotics, chemical/biological (CB) protection, military sensor systems, environmental control, expeditionary shelter and power technologies. HDT products make up a fully integrated system designed for people doing tough jobs in extreme environments and situations.  HDT’s expeditionary systems are turn-key, mobile facilities for command posts; hospitals; military living quarters; emergency medical treatment units; chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) decontamination facilities for first responders; and operations centers requiring command and control (C2) functionality.

SpecOps Inc.

Spec Ops, Inc. was formed in 2001 as a Veteran Owned Federal Small Business. The company is focused on design, engineering, integration and manufacturing of command and control systems for our military, emergency management, intelligence, homeland security, first responder and civil preparedness customers throughout the U.S. and internationally. 


Cyberlux is a producer of high quality, energy efficient Solid State Lighting (SSL) products that incorporate LED’s from some of the world’s best producers of LED products. Cyberlux also designs and manufactures specialized lighting products which compliment their existing products and new lighting products to enhance their current mix of products. Cyberlux is engaged in the production of sophisticated covert (IR) lighting systems that enable security and military personnel to view long range expanses with night vision goggles (NVG’s) which clearly identify potential threats long before incursion is imminent.


Hinsilblon is dedicated to creating the best and most effective odor (air pollution) control solutions for solid waste, wastewater and food processing applications. They utilize non-hazardous, ecologically friendly vapor and aerosol applications, which are made up of organic essential oils and trace elements that are specifically formulated to provide a complete odor neutralization solution.

Solar Stik

The Solar Stik™ System is the most effective Portable Power / Renewable Energy Generation System in the world. The Solar Stik development team has also developed relationships with other vendors to market integrated solutions packages including remote area tool packsportable refrigeration technologies, remote area lighting and high intensity LED systems, and reverse osmosis filtration / desalination systems (remote area drinking water).


ARCTECH, Inc. is a diverse American Corporation which provides cost-effective solutions for the agriculture, energy, and environmental market sectors. Founded as a spin-off company from the Atlantic Research Corporation’s Environmental Science and Technology division, the ARCTECH group through 25 years of experience in energy, energetics, environment and agriculture, has created unified solutions in these interrelated market sectors. The entrepreneurial scientists and engineers at ARCTECH have pioneered the use of their vast resources of coal for economical clean energy, clean water and environment, safer foods, recycle military and industrial wastes, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Precise Power Corporation

Precise Power has over 20 years of experience in solving power quality problems in the premium circuit market with power motors, generators, and UPS for government, aviation, health care, utilities, and rural applications. Conventional generators can be described as having a fixed quantity and location of magnetic pole sets. These pole sets then interact with copper windings in order to generate electricity at a certain frequency for a given rotor speed. Slowing the rotor speed would then decrease the output frequency. The patented Written-Pole® Technology allows the magnetic pole pattern on the magnet layer to be changed to a desired pattern while the machine is rotating and therefore breaks the relationship between rotor speed and output frequency.

Tamis Corporation

The Tamis Corporation is a multi-divisional company providing a wide range of crowd control, security, traffic safety, event management, sanitation, and other products. Through numerous divisions, Tamis is the established industry leader in direct sales and rentals of a diverse group of products, including steel barriers, traffic cones, waste receptacles, turnstiles, and metal detectors.

Ground Floor Systems

Ground Floor Systems (GFS) produces simple, easy-to-use portable flooring equipment for organizations with rapid deployment needs. Ground Floor System’s flagship product is the ReadyRoll/TFS portable flooring system. ReadyRoll/TFS provides an immediate, durable platform for a broad range of operations including military, relief, mining / exploration, and emergency / incident response

Protective Solutions

Protective Solutions is an industry leader in ballistic protection, supplying products used by all branches of the U.S. Military and multiple Federal Law Enforcement agencies. With over 18 years of experience with armor and ballistic protection equipment, they specialize in soft and hard armor solutions and custom jobs are their specialty. They also partner with BaseX/HDT on expeditionary shelter distribution.

First Line Technology

Founded in 2003, First Line Technology, LLC is a supplier of Out of the Box Solutions for first responders and the military. As a Total Solution provider for emergency response equipment, First Line works directly with manufacturers and subject matter experts to provide current solutions for emergency response missions. Products include personal cooling products / clothing, disaster preparedness, casualty transport and first aid packages, decontamination shelters and equipment, and personal protection equipment (respirators, pandemic emergency kits, coveralls).

Teleflex Medical

Teleflex Medical is a global supplier of medical devices, surgical instruments, and disposable medical products.

Chinook Medical

Chinook is a Specialist in Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue and Corporate Needs, providing custom medical solutions for the harshest environments on earth using the latest technology in medical containers, supplies, modules, and kits. Chinook is a HUB Zone, Veteran-Owned, Small Business committed to becoming the leading single source provider of products suited to any emergency medical situation. One product kit is Chinook Tactical Medical Kit – Care Under Fire (TMKTM-CUF). The TMKTM-CUF contains basic essentials for hemorrhage control.

American Tank

Founded in 1987, Larry J. Romero and Rochelle M. Romero began their journey into the independent business world. The Romero’s learned from the ground up about this labor intensive industry. Over the years, ATC has grown into an industry pacesetter, providing innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry and they will strive to keep it that way. Maintaining a substantial presence in the bolted and storage tank market, ATC’s dedication has positioned themselves as an outstanding energy sector vendor.


Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defense to civil security and of course consumer automotives. With operations on every continent, Saab continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. The global defense industry is currently undergoing an extensive transformation. To adapt to the new conditions in the industry, Saab has divided operations since 1 January 2010 into five business areas: Aeronautics, Dynamics, Electronic Defense Systems, Security and Defense Solutions, and Support and Services.


Safetec® of America, Inc. was formed and incorporated in 1991. Their products are sold both nationally and internationally to employers with infection control concerns about handwashing, surface disinfection, spill control, body fluid clean-up and first aid. As market innovators, Safetec® offers a diverse product line, numerous packaging options, and private label capabilities — all of which have allowed Safetec® to succeed in a wide variety of markets. These include Hospitals, clinics, and physician offices, Industrial facilities and plants, EMS, fire departments and other first responders, Public safety and police departments, Correctional institutions, Transportation – buses, limos, taxis, and airlines, Schools, universities and day care facilities, Nursing homes and assisted living environments, Hotels, resorts and theme parks, and Entertainment and sports complexes.

Allied Tube and Conduit

The largest business unit of Tyco Electrical & Metal Products, Allied Tube & Conduit, is comprised of many of Tyco’s leading brands and companies. With over 40 years of manufacturing quality products for numerous industries, Allied has proven itself a market leader in the mechanical tubing, fire sprinkler pipe, and electrical conduit markets.

Thermo Kool

THERMO-KOOL was established in Laurel, Mississippi, in 1960. With only a handful of employees, the company’s founders set out to engineer the best quality walk-in refrigerators in the industry. Today, their products are used by many of the best-known restaurants and institutions in the US and many foreign countries. The pride of master crafters has been handed down through the years, allowing them to build and maintain our reputation for quality. Staffed with experienced design, sales, and production personnel, THERMO-KOOL strives to continually offer new product advancements and the highest quality consulting and design services to our customers.

Nordic Air

Since 1988 Nordic Air has designed and manufactured air conditioning, heating and filtration equipment for Heavy Industry. Their customers include industrial companies such as United States Steel, International Steel Group, Nucor Steel, Steel Dynamics, Alcoa, ADM, General Electric, Ford, and GM.  In February 2010, Nordic Air was acquired by HDT Engineered Technologies (see Base-X/HDT above), a provider of highly-engineered mobile military and emergency response solutions. 

EPC Ltd.

E.P.C. Ltd., an Israeli based company, has been a leading provider of innovative, patented onsite wastewater treatment plants (OWWTP) in the clean-tech market for more than 16 years. EPC systems serve commercial, public, and residential needs. Their signature product, BIO-ROBI is a patented environment-friendly wastewater solution that converts domestic sewage into clean, odorless effluent for reuse in irrigation or other applications

GXI International

DEK Heavy Duty Power Equipment is a service, repair, and warranty site.  Products serviced include generators, pressure washers, chipper shredders, and lawn mowers.


Sea Box, Inc. sells and leases new and used ISO shipping containers, cargo containers, mobile storage containers, and refrigerated containers for scores of applications and diverse customer base which stretches world-wide. With 21 years in the industry, Sea Box is a multi-million dollar company with a comprehensive equipment fleet and an experienced design team. They have all container types in our nationwide stock, including ISO containers, dry freight containers, refrigerated containers, insulated containers, open top containers, flat racks, tank containers and other related equipment. Custom modifications to shipping containers, refrigerated containers, portable storage units, connex boxes and various other mobile storage containers are our specialty at Sea Box. Besides shipping and mobile storage containers, we have also built telecommunication shelters, generator stations and water purification stations for our customers. All of which have an ISO footprint to gain the benefits of economical intermodal transportation. At Sea Box, the client base runs from the “folks next door” to Fortune 500 corporations and all branches of the US Military.

Triad Healthcare

Triad Healthcare is the leading musculoskeletal health services company offering solutions for patients with painful spine and joint conditions. Since 1996, their innovative programs in physical medicine (including chiropractic, physical therapy and occupational therapy), pain management, musculoskeletal surgery, and physician support programs for musculoskeletal patients, have consistently delivered high quality outcomes to clients.


Medline was founded in 1966, but its roots date back 100 years when A.L. Mills started Northwestern Garment Factory. Since then, the company has grown into America’s largest privately-held national manufacturer and distributor of health care supplies and services. Medline provides products and services to the entire continuum of care, including hospitals, extended care facilities, surgery centers, commercial laundries, home care dealers, home care agencies, physician offices and other alternate care sites. Headquartered in Mundelein, IL, Medline has more than 6,800 employees in North America, including an 800 person dedicated sales force. Major product lines include Gloves, OR Custom Procedure Trays, Textiles (scrubs, uniforms, and gowns), Durable Medical Equipment, Respiratory Products, Urologicals, Surgical Instruments & Other Surgical Products, and Wound Care/Skin Care Products.  

Tactical Medical Solutions

Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. was formed to develop quality, effective supplies and equipment for combat and tactical medicine. Their products reflect their experience, situations they have faced and friends they have lost. All of their employees are former tactical medical professionals or have a close relationship with them.  Product areas include hemorrhage control, airway/breathing, circulation, casualty evacuation, hypothermia protection, tactical medical kits, and triage.

Persys Medical

PerSys Medical specializes in bringing life-saving innovations to market. We seek the highest quality of innovative technologies and products to meet medical challenges. PerSys Medical markets and distributes a variety of specialized medical and emergency medical products to military, law enforcement, homeland security, EMS, and wilderness medicine agencies as well as worldwide government agencies. The company has been active in the medical field since the mid 90’s, responding to a growing demand for life-saving products. Aided by our close relationship with medics, training facilities and decision makers, we were able to successfully market several life-saving innovations, which have become the standard in the US military and other leading organizations.

US Tactical Supply

US Tactical Supply is the premiere provider of quality tactical accessories, serving Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and the public. Products include Apparel, Backpacks & Hydration, Emergency/Field Gear , Gloves & Protective Gear, Knives & Tools, Law Enforcement Duty Gear, Medical/First Aid Kits, Night Vision & Surveillance, Vests, Armor Carriers, & Armor, and Weapon Accessories


Dixie Medical, Inc. has been serving organizations and communities since 1999. They sell and service all makes and models of defibrillators, AEDs (automatic external defibrillators) and other monitoring equipment.


Top Safety Products Company makes and sells quality first aid kits and related first aid products designed for business, industrial, recreational, and home use. The company offers a comprehensive line of industrial, specialty, and consumer kits to treat a wide variety of workplace, travel and home emergencies.