Security (ISIS)

Information Security Infrastructure Systems (ISIS), LLC

VaultThe Mission of ISIS is to provide the highest level of security systems pertaining to Information Security that will add value to the information security systems of its clients. ISIS provides customized systems that address the three critical basic elements of information security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Key Areas of Competence

  • Secure Communications Systems
  • Mobile Video Surveillance Systems
  • Handheld Biometric Computer Systems
  • Advanced Smart Card Systems
  • Facial Recognition Systems
  • Asset Tracking Systems
  • Risk Assessments

TabletISIS has organized the specialized experience and resources that its clients need to effectively fill the security gaps that normally exist in business enterprises. These security gaps exist in part due to the increase in risks associated with the Internet and its effect on internal business processes. These risks can be mitigated and managed effectively with proper business security practices and complementary system technologies.

ISIS is committed to offering the industry best in Information Security Systems to its clients in an ongoing process of securing the information that is critical to the survival and success of business operations.